Interview Tips


There are few things you can do to build your chances for succeeding in the interview.

Research the organization and it’s activities well in advance. It is important to visit their website and get to know the company very thoroughly.
It is always a good idea to find out information about the company from your friends or colleagues or anybody who has knowledge about the company.
It is important to go through the JD so as to understand what the organisation is expecting from the position for which you are appearing for an interview.
If the written JD is not there, please speak to your consultant and get to understand the JD for the position.
Remember to carry all your testimonials and employment related documents with you.
You must anticipate what all questions can be asked during the course of interview and how are you going to deal with these likely questions. It is important to rehearse your answers to questions that are likely to be asked.
It is important to carry appointment letter, increment letter of your current company and salary slips of last 3 months with you when you appear for an interview.
Lay lots of emphasis on hygiene part like haircut, nails, using deodorant and a good quality perfume etc.
Wearing a tie is an absolute MUST.
It is always a good idea to wear a jacket or blazer to add value to your personality.
Female candidates must be dressed formally and conservatively.
You must be well aware about the venue of the interview. If you are not sure about the location, take help from your consultant. Otherwise, use google maps to reach the venue without going through any kind of inconvenience.
Arrive well before time of your scheduled interview.
You shall appear and act confident when you arrive at the venue for attending interview.
You must carry at least 2 -3 hard copies of your CV. If you find panellist don’t have your CV, please share hard copies of CV with all panellists.
Introduce yourself with the help of your visiting card and politely ask for visiting cards from all panellists.
You must be very sure of your body language. Your body language must communicate that you are confident and self-assured while facing the interview.
Follow proper interview etiquette.
You must be an active listener. Understand each question that is being asked and prepare your response appropriately.
It is important for you to highlight important achievement of yours in your present & previous jobs / roles.
Speak a language that is specific, precise & measurable while talking about your achievements.
Do not hide / lie about anything about yourself or your job profile.
Be ready with all the required documents in a proper folder.
Carry diary/ note pad & pen to write down important things regarding the job.
At the time of conclusion, please feel free to politely ask about their evaluation of your performance in the interview and what will be the next step.
Before leaving the room, you must have a warm handshake with all panellists and thank them for the their time and efforts invested in this interaction.