Dealing With Consultants

Dealing With Consultants

In a world where all of us connected with one another through various social and professional networking sites. Further, availability of one’s profile on any job portal make you accessible to companies as well as various HR consultants.

If you put your profile on a job portal there is a high probability that you will start receiving call from various HR consultancies discussing various job opportunities with you.

You must do a due diligence by visiting their website to find out how professional is the consultancy, how long they have been in the business, their client list and how thoroughly they know your industry, etc.

In this profession of HR consulting, companies give credit to that consultancy that has submitted a profile first i.e., ahead of other consultancies.

As a result of this many consultancies which are not professional in their approach, they just download your profile from a job portal and submit your profile without any discussions with you. They are not just bothered about confidentiality factor that is so important for dealing with CV of a professional.

If you have discussed a position with one consultant and authorised that consultantto share your profile with a company. Please don’t discuss that position with any other consultant. Please understand if your CV is shared by more than one consultancy, it indicates some kind of desperation on the part of the candidate. In such cases you will find it difficult to negotiate a proper CTC.

Please ask your consultant to share a detailed JD of the Job that is being discussed with you. This is essential for your preparation of interview.

Please make sure that you are dealing with a consultancy that is highly professional in their approach, they have thorough knowledge of the industry in which you are working. Also please don’t allow any consultancy to share your profile with any of their clients till the time you have given your consent to share your profile.